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Leadership in Distributed Agile Project Management Teams

  • Number of scholarships 1
  • Value £14,296 (pa for 3 years)
  • Opens 5 February 2016
  • Deadline 31 May 2016
  • Duration 36 months


Candidates should have a good Honours degree (minimum 2:1) and/or a Master’s degree in a social science or business/management discipline. They may also have relevant experience, or other skills which are relevant to this project, however, we would emphasise that our project is on leadership, so it is not necessary to have a working knowledge of Agile.

Project Details

We think differently about leadership. How about you? We are looking for someone to join a conversation that challenges the notion that leadership is a possession of individual leaders. Our research group take a different stance, arguing that leadership is something that happens between people. This commitment directs our attention away from the qualities individuals have, and towards examining what happens, where it happens, and who is involved, when leadership emerges in practice. To emphasise, we are not interested in studying the traits or biography of ‘great men’ (i.e. Steve Jobs etc.), but rather in examining the processes through which leadership comes to be exercised in different contexts. One such context is distributed Agile project management. Agile has gained in popularity through its focus on highly empowered development teams and yet we know little of the role of leadership within these - potentially geographically dispersed - groups, or indeed across projects using this technique. This research will examine the dynamics of leadership in distributed Agile teams asking when and why issues of accountability, independence and direction setting move from being shared by the team, to being ascribed to an individual ‘leader’.

How to apply

As well as a CV and relevant qualification transcripts, applications must be accompanied by a cover letter indicating what they feel they bring to our research conversation.

Applications to: Hilde Quigley (


Information about the Department and the PhD programme is available at: