Discretionary Fund

Application Form: Discretionary Fund Application Form 2017/18


Undergraduate and postgraduate (full-time and part-time) UK students who are facing severe financial difficulty may apply to the Discretionary Fund. All information and supporting documentation will be treated in confidence.

To be eligible for assistance from the Discretionary Fund, the Government requires that a student must have applied for his/her full income-assessed student loan (where appropriate). It will also be assumed that parents are providing the full amount of any assessed contribution (unless strong evidence is provided to indicate that this is not the case).

Students in suspension

Students in suspension are eligible for support from the Discretionary Fund as long as the student is still registered and intending to return to University to resume their studies.

Non-UK EU students

Non-UK EU students are not normally eligible for support from either the Discretionary Fund or the Childcare Fund. However, those EU students in the rare category of being in receipt of a means-tested UK student loan may be eligible for support.

Students not eligible for assistance from the Discretionary fund

  • students applying for help with tuition fee costs
  • students who have not applied for their full means-tested loan (if eligible)
  • international students (including EU)