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Individual counselling

University life can sometimes feel overwhelming. It’s very common to have times in your life when you would like to feel happier or more satisfied with our life.  You might:

  • find it difficult to concentrate
  • feel distracted or unfocussed
  • feel sad, anxious, stressed, frustrated or overwhelmed
  • want to come to terms with a loss or with past experiences
  • feel dissatisfied with our work or our relationships

We’re here to help

Student Counselling is a free confidential service which offers short term individual counselling for undergraduate and postgraduate students at the University of Strathclyde.

Counselling can help with most personal and relationship problems. If you’re experiencing any difficulties which are stopping you from making the most of your time at University then make a positive choice and come along and talk with a professionally trained counsellor.

Give yourself that opportunity to work through your difficulties, understand yourself better and find ways to manage your situation.

Our counsellors will offer support and listen to your problems in a non-judgmental way. They’ll help you to talk through your concerns, and if appropriate help you to make the decisions that are right for you.

Personal development workshops

Sometimes it can be useful to learn more about yourself and develop new skills by taking part in a workshop.

We offer personal development workshops during the academic year around common issues which can get in the way of studying effectively, such as building confidence, managing stress, and delaying or stalling getting started.

Being part of a group offers different opportunities from dealing with a problem individually. It can help you:

  • gain support from others by sharing common experiences
  • find out more about your issues and how they affect you
  • find practical ways to deal with your concerns
  • discover that other students struggle with similar issues