Summer School 2023

2 and 3-week programs from late June to mid-July 2023


The University of Strathclyde plans to offer the following summer programs to university level international study abroad students in summer 2023:


*Forensic Science-the department of Chemistry offers a summer school where students will have the opportunity to learn from Scottish experts, professors, and scientists about crime scene and forensic science practices, methods, and challenges in the UK. Students will experience Glasgow’s high court and visit the police museum as well as a local crime lab. Best suited for students studying STEM degrees.


*Hospitality and Tourism Management- this exciting summer program, offered by our AACSB accredited Business School, covers key theories and themes in Hospitality and Tourism Management. Students will take part in lectures and seminar sessions on the evolution of various niche tourism industries such as Sport, Film and TV, Music, Events, Food and Outdoor Tourism. A field trip to a local Harry Potter Manufacturing Company is included. Open to students studying any degree major.


*Statistical Analysis of COVID-this summer program provides students with an opportunity to develop fundamental maths and stats skills in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic. Students will practice techniques and use computer software to look at real data and explore how this data can applied to understanding the spread of COVID-19. Open to students from a variety of degree majors. Previous exposure to basic statistics and basic calculus is required.


*Design Manufacturing Engineering Management- created for students with engineering and design related backgrounds, this summer program introduces students to industrial design and creative development skills. During the program students will explore how to design, build and test in line with a design brief. Working in teams and exercising excellent communication skills, the program will conclude with a fun engineering design competition.


*Renewable Energy: Offshore Wind Energy- This programme introduces students to offshore wind turbine technology, with a focus on offshore wind resource assessment, turbine classification and technology. Students will also visit a working offshore wind farm. In addition to focused learning and practice sessions, presentations from internationally recognised leaders in the field will be given. The summer school is open to a wide audience; however, students with a background in engineering/architecture/maths/physics are best suited.


All summer schools include on campus student accommodation (all single bedrooms), excursions and other social events.


For any enquiries please email:


*subject to approval