Staff opportunities

Erasmus is not only for students. Funding is available for staff to teach or train in Europe with an Erasmus+ Grant.

Any type of mobility, teaching or training, taken under Erasmus+ must be recognised by the University. For example, this could be through a performance management system (ADR).


Teaching mobility can be from two days to two months, excluding travel time. You must deliver at least eight hours of teaching and it must take place at a partner university.


Training mobility may be from two days to two months, excluding travel time.´╗┐ ´╗┐This grant is available for the following opportunities:

  • job shadowing
  • observation
  • attendance at workshops
  • courses
These activities can be for transfer of knowledge and good practice, to learn from shared experience, acquire practical skills or discover new ideas for teaching and learning.

Conferences are not funded under Erasmus+ funding.

Funding available


You'll be awarded funds for travel based on the distance that you'll be travelling. You must use the distance calculator in order to find out which band your travel will fall into. The distance to be calculated is one way. The grant covers the outward and return journey. Please see table below for the relevant bands.

Travel distance (km)Amount received per participant
Between 100 & 499km €180
Between 500 and 1999km €275

Between 2000 and 2999km

Between 3000 and 3999km €530
Between 4000 and 7999km €820
8000km and above €1100


Please view the Staff Daily Subsistence Rates for 2016/17. You are allowed to have one day of travel before and after your mobility begins if this does not fall on a teaching or training day.

Paperwork required

In order to be eligible for Erasmus+ support, you must complete the following paperwork. No expenses will be paid until the Exchange are in receipt of all of the following paperwork.

Before you go



Before you leave

Once you return

You'll be required to complete anonline feedback report. You'll receive an email from the European Commission directly with details of how to complete this.

Expenses should be submitted through the finance system for approval by the Recruitment & International Office for approval. All expenses must comply with the University of Strathclyde expenses policy.

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