Financial information

How will I fund my time abroad?

Tuition fees continue to be paid to Strathclyde while you are on exchange.  YOU DO NOT PAY TUITION FEES TO YOUR HOST UNIVERSITY.

For Scottish & EU students, SAAS will continue to pay your tuition direct to Strathclyde.

International students studying abroad will continue to pay their regular tuition to Strathclyde for the period they are away.

Students from England, Wales and Northern Ireland are advised to contact the Recruitment & International Office to confirm their tuition fee arrangements.



Can I apply for a student loan if I am studying abroad?

Yes you can. Generally any loans, scholarships or bursaries should not be adversely affected if you study abroad.


Are there any scholarships available?

There are limited scholarships available for international study abroad. Take a look at the scholarships available.

If you are studying abroad as a compulsory part of your Strathclyde degree, eligible students may be able to claim additional funding from SAAS towards their visa, flight and medical insurance costs. EU nationals are not elgible to apply for this funding. Unfortunately SAAS will not providing additional funding to students opting to study abroad as a non-compulsory part of their course.


Can I work while I'm on the exchange?

Most students will be attending the host university on a student visa which may entitle you to work on campus for a limited number of hours per week (usually up to 20 hours/week). You're not usually permitted to work off campus.

It's unlikely you will be able to secure a job until you reach the host university so you should not rely on this to fund your exchange in case this does not work out.

Take a look at the student feedback from previous exchange students to find out if any of them worked during their exchange.