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Sustainable Development Goal target(s)

Clean Water and Sanitation (SDG 6)

Project lead
  • Dr Christopher Gallacher
  • Dr Tracy Morse
Open to year groups 2 to 5

Civil & Environmental Engineering

Students from other departments and faculties are welcome to get in touch to discuss what skills they can bring to the project.

Please note: availability can vary between degrees. Please contact your advisor of studies and the project lead for more information.

How to apply

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6: Clean water and sanitation.

Project overview

Sub-Saharan Africa (Including Malawi) still struggles with low coverage for sanitation. 45% of the population use either shared or unimproved facilities and an estimated 25% practice open defecation.

Along with sanitation, a clean and sustainable water supply is vital to the health and well-being of people around the world. WASH engages staff and students across the University to explore how the knowledge and experience within all four Facilities in the University can be adapted and used to underpin the international development goals for water and sanitation.

We've launched a series of research challenges designed to provide trans-disciplinary opportunities for students to work together (and with key non-governmental organisation (NGO) Partners). We invite students from any background to take part in this project.

WASH allows students to engage with the on-going research and innovative solutions that are a part of the Climate Justice Fund Project. This is a partnership between the Scottish Government, Malawi Government, Water for People and the University of Strathclyde. Students are actively involved with a wide selection of real-world problems that affect Malawi’s Integrated Water Resource Management which work towards Malawi’s sustainable development goal targets.

Have more questions, or want to get involved?

Contact Dr Christopher Gallacher (Christopher.gallacher@strath.ac.uk) or Dr Tracy Morse (tracy.thomson@strath.ac.uk), or apply for this project.