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Welcome to Strathclyde

Professor Sir Jim McDonald, Principal & Vice-Chancellor, welcomes you to the University of Strathclyde

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Kayla-Megan Burns, Student President

Welcome to the Faculty of Engineering

Welcome from Professor Atilla Incecik, Associate Principal & Executive Dean

Hear from our student, Onder

Onder Canbulat, PhD student

While you are studying at Strathclyde, you will understand that nothing is impossible. I can say that this is the place of dream makers.

About Onder's experience

Welcome to the Faculty of Humanities & Social Sciences

Advice from our graduate, Conor

Conor Hill, PhD Law student

I’d advise anyone starting out at Strathclyde to make the most of the opportunities that come their way – they can be invaluable to your career.

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Welcome from Douglas Brodie, Associate Principal & Executive Dean

Welcome to the Faculty of Science

A message from Iain Stewart, Associate Principal & Executive Dean

Hear from our student, Alice

Alice Chisholm, BSc Mathematics & Physics student

Get involved in freshers week and course/freshers chats and groups on Facebook. It’s a great way of making friends, I am still friends with those I met during freshers week!

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Welcome to Strathclyde Business School

Welcome from David Hillier, Associate Principal & Executive Dean

Advice from our student, David

David Markgraf, MSc International Management graduate

I have just one advice for prospective students at Strathclyde: Make the most of the year and enjoy every second of it because it will be over way too fast.

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Students' Union welcome events

Our students' union have loads of virtual events to welcome you to Strathclyde. The online programme begins on 14 September.

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Remember to register

Before starting at Strathclyde you have to register. All students must register online to confirm their personal, financial and academic details. 

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Ready to welcome you to campus

Your safety is our main priority

We want to make it as easy as possible for you to arrive at Strathclyde. Take a look at our health & safety video to find out how we'll help.

Learning in a safe environment 

We are working hard to make sure we give you the highest quality learning experience in a safe and secure environment.

Student support

Where to get advice and support

We're here to support and help you throughout your time at Strathclyde. All of our services are available to all students.

Disability & wellbeing

Our Disability & Wellbeing Service helps students with mental health and wellbeing support, disability and general health support. We also have a number of classes and groups that you can take part in.

If you are absent from classes due to illness, please refer to the Personal Circumstances Procedure to ensure your absence is recorded.