Successful Outcomes

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Existing research and development provided by the REP and CPD have made a significant contribution to existing and new design concepts, new product design and development. This has created technical and economic advantage in highly competitive, international markets.

The Weir Group is funding the WARC with an initial investment of £1.9 million over three years and continuing investment thereafter. This funding creates four PhD studentships per year, underscoring the Weir Group’s commitment to education and advancing engineering skills in the UK. The WARC broadens and extends the University’s relationship with the Weir Group by developing parallel knowledge exchange activities that are beyond the scope of our initial research agreements, further enhancing this company relationship.

The knowledge transfer on which our partnership is based, works both ways. There is the transfer of advanced research outcomes and staff skills from Strathclyde into industry design and manufacture; in return, Strathclyde staff gain invaluable insight into industry best practice.