Working Together

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The Weir Group had worked with the University of Strathclyde for many years on a range of consultancy and research projects, so it was natural to seek the advice of recognised experts at the University.

This partnership has resulted in significant levels of research funding and the recent formation of the Weir Advanced Research Centre (WARC). The WARC will be an integral part of the Technology and Innovation Centre (TIC) at Strathclyde which revolutionises the way researchers in academia and industry collaborate and innovate.

The collaborative research projects undertaken by the University and the Weir Group include the development of a Research Exploitation Partnership (REP). REPs are a prime mechanism of Strathclyde’s Company Escalator Programme, which is backed by a £2.6 million award under the EPSRC’s Knowledge Transfer Account (KTA) competition, EPSRC’s Pathways to Impact programme and the Scottish Funding Council’s Knowledge Transfer Grant.

REPs enable company staff and University staff to be cross-seconded for research-based, knowledge exchange (KE) projects.