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What information is included in an official transcript?

A transcript will show:

  • Your name and date of birth
  • Your University registration number
  • Your course title
  • The academic sessions you attended
  • Mode of Attendance (full time/part time/distance learning)
  • All marks/grades achieved, along with SCQF and ECTS credit (if available)
  • Class of degree or pass level (if relevant)
  • Your Graduation/Award date (if relevant)
What is an interim transcript and do I need one?

An interim transcript is one issued before your programme of study has been completed and will NOT include all marks and/or your final award. If you purchase a transcript before all marks have been approved the transcript will be incomplete and you will need to purchase another transcript after the marks have been approved. WE THEREFORE STRONGLY RECOMMEND THAT YOU DO NOT REQUEST A TRANSCRIPT UNTIL YOU KNOW THAT ALL MARKS HAVE BEEN APPROVED. If you require evidence of results before all marks have been approved you may access this information via your Pegasus student record.

Do I receive a transcript automatically when I finish my course?

No. Transcripts are not issued automatically. You need to request and pay for one via the Online Shop.

“You will receive 1 copy of your transcript at graduation. This copy of your transcript will not be issued before the date of graduation, so if you require your transcript before this date you will need to order them from the online shop**.

Please note that you will not automatically receive a transcript if you withdraw early from your programme with a non-graduating award or no formal award.

**THE FOLLOWING APPLIES ONLY TO 2020 GRADUATES. ALL OTHER STUDENTS MUST PLACE AN ORDER VIA THE ONLINE SHOP: Due to covid-19 we cannot currently provide physical transcripts. In the meantime, if required, you can apply to have a pdf copy of your transcript emailed to you.  You should submit your request to

Please note that this could take up to 28 days due to the anticipated volume of requests.

More information on receiving your physical transcript and degree certificate after graduation can be found at:

How can I order a transcript and how much does it cost?

You can request transcripts via the Online Shop.

The cost is £10.00 for one transcript. Each additional transcript for the same award costs £1.00. For example, if you wished to purchase 5 transcripts the total cost would be £14.00.

 Please note that these costs relate to each degree/diploma awarded. Therefore, if you wished to purchase a transcript for both an undergraduate degree and a postgraduate degree the total  cost would be £20.00 (£10.00 for each award), plus £1.00 for each additional transcript.

When will I receive my transcript?

We aim to produce transcripts as quickly as possible and within 10 working days. However, at certain times of the year, particularly during graduation period (June/July/November), production may take longer due to the increase in volume of requests.

Postgraduate transcripts, particularly those relating to the Strathclyde Business School, and transcripts relating to attendance prior to 1984 are manually produced and therefore can take considerably longer. On occasion we will need to obtain records from our Archives department and this means that the production time could be increased to approximately 20 working days. 

In addition to the time spent producing the transcript:

  • Transcripts to UK addresses are sent by Royal Mail standard delivery and usually arrive within 5 working days.
  • Transcripts sent to non-UK addresses by Royal Mail can take considerably longer, depending on local postal services, and we therefore recommend allowing approximately 20 working days for delivery. We are unable to provide tracking information for these deliveries nor can we give any indication of exactly how long they will eventually take to reach you. 
  • You may, for an additional fee of £15, choose to have your transcript sent by courier (DHL). This service can be purchased via the Online Shop. If you choose this option you will receive tracking information. Please note that we will not courier to a PO box address unless absolutely necessary i.e. if this is your only address.
I have additional requirements to go with my transcript – can you help?

Please note the following:

  • If you require additional documentation to be sent with your transcripts please email the corresponding document(s) to Order the transcripts, await confirmation that your order has been received and then send us the corresponding documentation that needs to be completed. Please make sure that you do both on the same day and remember to quote your order number. 
  • It may be that you are requesting other documents such as a replacement certificate or degree verification letter from us and require them to be sent together. Certificates, letters and transcript requests are not necessarily processed at the same time or by the same member of staff, therefore please specify in your email that you are requesting multiple documents and list all of the documents. Failure to do so may result in each request being processed and issued separately.  
  • If you wish to have your transcripts signed and sealed in separate envelopes (often requested by other institutions) please notify us at
  • If you wish us to send official transcripts to WES (World Education Services) please note that we are required to send these with a copy of the standard WES form. We do not use Digitary or Gradintel services.  


Do I need to know my student ID number to order a transcript?

No, but it does help us to process your order faster.

I successfully completed two (or more) degrees at the University of Strathclyde and I need transcripts for each one. Do I have to submit separate requests?

Yes, you will need to make a separate request for each one and the same charge will apply to each request.

Can I have a transcript for my research degree?

Prior to 2007 there were no individual values, numerical marks or credit values and it is therefore not possible to produce a transcript. You may however request a degree verification letter by emailing and this is currently produced free of charge. If you have undertaken a compulsory instructional element to achieve your degree then a transcript can be produced.

Can I order a transcript even though I withdrew from my course before graduating?

Yes, if you have formally withdrawn from the University and your student record shows this then you can request a transcript which will show the examination results and credits up to that date.

Can I have information added to or excluded from my transcript?

A transcript is an official document which is laid out in a standardised format and contains your name, date of birth, student registration number, and all the marks/grades on your student record. It is not possible to add or remove information from your transcript. If you require specific information added, such as an application number to another institution, please indicate this on the “additional information” section of the form.

I think there is an error on my transcript – what should I do?

Please contact your department if you believe anything on your transcript is incorrect.

My transcript has not arrived – what should I do?

If it has been over 15 working days (UK addresses) or 30 working days (non-UK addresses) since you placed your order please email with your full name, student number if you have it, and your order number from the Online Shop. PLEASE DO NOT EMAIL US UNTIL THESE TIMESCALES HAVE ELAPSED.