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Campus update Sustainable Strathclyde

This summer, work begins on the installation of a state-of-the-art combined heat and power system.

The new project will revolutionise our energy production and efficiency, cutting our carbon emissions by half.

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The £20 million project, backed by £8 million from the Scottish Government, will help us to develop a combined heat, power and district energy network.

Combined Heat and Power technology allows us to generate part of our electricity needs on site.

We then use the heat derived from the generation process to heat campus through a district heating network.

The new system will have the potential to link to other district heating systems in the wider Glasgow community. It can link Strathclyde’s campus with major energy users in the area, and create further energy savings.

Rottenrow Gardens

Energy Centre

The heart of the project will be the Energy Centre on John Street. As well as acting as the main hub for the new system, we'll create a new demonstration space.

This will offer a better learning and teaching experience for lectures and project work. As well as facilitating student access to the system, we'll display live and historic energy data for collection and analysis.

The Energy Centre will also be renovated to create a new indoor, pedestrian walkway between John Street and Montrose Street. This will provide improved access and better campus connectivity.

In line with our other campus developments, this project helps secure a sustainable campus for the next generation of students.