Why Strathclyde?
International Women's Day 2021


We have a number of online events throughout March to celebrate International Women's Day this year. Each event will reflect this year's theme - #choosetochallenge - and will explore women's development, progression, and leadership at Strathclyde.

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Pilar, MBA student

"I'm a petroleum engineer. I worked in the north of Mexico on the drilling rigs...and I spent a year working in Western Siberia. My last year I spent working as a drilling supervisor in the middle of the North Sea."

Engineering the Future for Girls

"I wasn't too sure what I wanted to do when I came here but this has taught me what I'd like to do when I'm older."

Muna Al Ajmi, MBA

"What I like about Strathclyde is the multicultural environment as a university. From Asia, from Europe, Americans...so it gives more of a diverse experience, knowledge, we exchange kind of ideas, different industries."

Dr Sumaiya Siddiqui, MBA

"I'm an Emergency Medicine Physician. I feel that any physician in leadership roles has to have a knowledge of the business aspect of the enterprise, especially if you're faced with a sudden disaster or emergency."

Mai Ibrahim Magdy, MBA

"I work as a Sales Manager in HP Computing Middle East. The reason I chose Strathclyde was basically the programme, how it is being taught, the academic and the research approach, both combined. So I have the potential if I want to go for a DBA or to go for a PhD in the future, those options are available for me."