Strathclyde launches two new Graduate Apprenticeship degrees

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The University of Strathclyde has secured further funding for two new Graduate Apprenticeship degrees, in addition to continued funding for the existing portfolio.

The new degrees – MSc CybersecurityBEng (Hons) Civil Engineering – will recruit for entry in 2019 and add to the existing three graduate apprenticeships BEng (Hons) Engineering: Design and ManufactureBSc (Hons) IT: Software Development and BA (Hons) Business Management which are also recruiting for 2019 entry.

A new Financial Services pathway within the Business Management GA will also be launched.

Graduate Apprenticeships have been developed by Skills Development Scotland in partnership with employers, universities and colleges and professional bodies to create stronger links between education and industry.

Graduate Apprenticeships provide a new fully-funded route to a degree, allowing people to study and complete their degrees while also developing their career through fulltime employment.

Carefully designed

At Strathclyde, the Graduate Apprenticeship degrees are carefully designed to suit the needs of both learners and employers to facilitate the application of knowledge and expertise in the workplace; delivered through online and work-based learning, programmes offer learners the flexibility to combine study with work commitments, fully supported by academic tutors and work-based learning assessors.

Strathclyde is recognised as an innovator in the Graduate Apprenticeships space through its learner and employer centred programme design, which uses learning approaches suitable for modern learners.

The apprentices experience campus days combined with a high quality online Learner Journey that facilitates flexible learning, supports their balance of work and study, and minimises absence from the workplace. 

Professor Scott MacGregor, Vice-Principal of the University of Strathclyde, said: “We are delighted to be able to expand our Graduate Apprenticeship portfolio and to open up this degree pathway for more people.

We pride ourselves on our close links with industry and our role in producing graduates with the skills and knowledge required to help our companies and our economy to thrive.”

Skills Development Scotland, Director of Service Design and Innovation, Jonathan Clark, said: “The success and growth of Graduate Apprenticeships demonstrates that they are supporting employers to upskill their workforce and giving individuals more opportunities to learn and develop their career whilst in employment.

“Universities and colleges across the country are widening their choice of Graduate Apprenticeships and Skills Development Scotland will continue to develop subjects that focus on a range of sectors where there is a need for highly skilled jobs.” 

The growth of Graduate Apprenticeships supports the Scottish Government’s ambition to create 30,000 apprenticeship jobs a year by 2020.