Impact of Change guide launched for higher education institutions

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The University has launched a new guide which gives higher education institutions (HEIs) the tools to measure the impact of change to drive greater transparency and demonstrate value for money.

The ‘Guide to Evidencing the Impact of Change in Higher Education’ comes at a time of increasing funding pressures from Government. It has been designed to allow any institution to showcase how new investments, processes and methods of teaching have improved the efficiency and effectiveness of their organisation.


Written by the Business Improvement Team at Strathclyde, the paper enhances recommendations provided in a similar guide created by the University in 2015. The updated version offers more support on institutional and sector reporting of efficiencies, and how to create an evidence-based culture, along with practical support on embedding the methodology and sector-wide case studies.

John Hogg, Director of Continuous Improvement at Strathclyde, said: “Measuring the impact of change management initiatives has long been a challenge for all organisations, regardless of sector. The difficulty lies in applying a standard methodology which can be used across disciplines to demonstrate the positive impact a change has had and which doesn’t become an industry in itself. 

“Higher education institutes in the UK generally enjoy global recognition for teaching and research, and have a track record of operating efficiently. However, budget challenges demand that the sector should clearly show it is operating effectively and efficiently, and making the best use of funding allocated to it.

“Taking into consideration the recommendations of the Diamond Agenda, and the valuable feedback from users of the first guide, our new paper sets out a clear and straightforward methodology for institutions to do this in a transparent and consistent manner, and across operational disciplines. We hope it will provide benefit to all Higher Education Institutions in their drive to offer the best student experience while operating as efficiently as possible, and communicate the success of their endeavours.”

Dan Wedgwood, Senior Policy Officer for Universities Scotland, said: “We welcome the University of Strathclyde’s new guide, which helps HEIs tackle the challenge of accurately measuring the impact of new processes on the running of their institutions.

“Our institutions work continuously to enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of what they do. More standardised reporting within the sector will help institutions demonstrate the value of this work. This in turn, will ensure HEIs are in a strong position to secure funding and so sustain their world-class teaching, research and innovation activities.”

Read the Guide V2 Jan 2017 .