Scholarship in memory of Strathclyde graduate Eilidh

Exterior of SIPBS building and campus

Eilidh McHugh at her graduation ceremony. Photo courtesy of the McHugh family.

A new scholarship has been established at the University of Strathclyde in memory of outstanding graduate Eilidh McHugh.

Eilidh graduated with a First Class Honours – with Distinction in Pharmacy in 2016, and was nearing completion of her pre-registration year to qualify as a pharmacist when she developed a rare and highly aggressive form of cancer. She died in March 2017 at the age of 22, following her short battle with the disease.


The Hamilton-based graduate has been described by Strathclyde’s Principal as having ”a positive influence on everyone who engaged with her” during her time at Strathclyde. Eilidh’s family is now working with the University to continue this legacy, by establishing the Eilidh McHugh Scholarship Fund to support other promising students.

The scholarship will provide opportunities for students from less advantaged backgrounds to study at the University of Strathclyde. Each scholar will receive £5,000 over four years to support the essential costs of university, including transport and learning resources.

Funding for a total of 20 scholarships has been raised through a series of events led by Elilidh’s family and friends, including Dr Lena Wilson CBE, who is a Visiting Professor in Strathlcyde Business School. Funding for one of the scholarships is being matched by Strathclyde’s Alumni Fund.

Strathclyde Principal Professor Sir Jim McDonald said: "I am delighted that Strathclyde both contributes to and manages the Eilidh McHugh Scholarship Fund, which will undoubtedly provide opportunities and support for many young people hoping to attend our university.

“Eilidh was a wonderful young woman and an outstanding student who was a positive influence on everyone who engaged with her. Through the commitment and generosity of Eilidh's family and those who have helped create the Scholarship Fund, Eilidh will continue to be a true inspiration for other young people.”

On behalf of the family, Eilidh’s sister Kerry – who is herself a Strathclyde Business School graduate - said: “The Eilidh McHugh Scholarship Fund will allow many young people, like Eilidh, to attend University and realise their full potential in life. Eilidh not only achieved a First Class Honours degree from the University, but also enjoyed all the experiences associated with life at University.

“We are very grateful for the support of the University, businesses, family and friends who have supported the establishment of the Scholarship Fund.”

Before studying at Strathclyde, Eilidh attended Holy Cross High School in Hamilton, where she was school dux.

Supporters of the scholarships include: the GFG Foundation, Jim and Jan Darroch, Rosemary McGinness, L&H Dental Care, Fleet Alliance Ltd, Retronix Ltd, UTeach Recruitment Ltd, City Charitable Trust, ACT Construction (UK) Ltd, and Strathclyde’s Alumni Fund. 

Donations to the Alumni Fund enhance the Strathclyde student experience and support scholarships, the University library, international study and development, sports clubs and student-led projects.