Storytelling explored in literary event

Typewriter with text beginning a story with:

The different experiences of reading a story, hearing it and watching it on screen will be explored at a literary event in Glasgow next month.

Storyathon will consider the links between neuroscience, imagination and memory and the differences in processing film and text. It is organised by the University of Strathclyde, Scottish Book Trust and Glasgow Women's Library.

Neuroscience of imagination

It will feature an appearance by novelist and screenwriter Bernard MacLaverty, who wrote the screenplays for the films of his novels Cal and Lamb. It will also include workshops in creative writing and storytelling and an experimental workshop on the cognitive science of film and text processing.

The free event, funded by the Royal Society of Edinburgh, will take place at the Kelvin Hall Glasgow on Saturday 2 December.

Dr Elspeth Jajdelska, a Senior Lecturer in English with Strathclyde’s School of Humanities, is among the organisers of the event. She said: “Reading for pleasure has been linked to educational attainment and wellbeing. Fewer young Scots read for pleasure than in the past and competition with screen-based entertainment is one possible explanation for this.

“At this event, we’ll be looking at the different ways people process, and respond to, film and text and why these differences matter.

Reading appears to produces more varied responses - different people will read the same thing at different paces with different visions – but images offer more detail.

“In recent years, we have learned more about the neuroscience of imagination, and how it relates to our ability to remember episodes from our own lives; imagination uses the same neural mechanisms as episodic memory. This gives us new opportunities to understand the nature of narrative processing.”

Storyathon will take place from 12 noon – 5pm. The conversation event with Bernard MacLaverty will be free but with admission by ticket; places can be booked at Eventbright.

Storyathon is being held as part of the Scotland’s Story project, funded by the Royal Society of Edinburgh in partnership with the Universities of Strathclyde and Oxford.