Strathclyde offers studentships with Nanyang Technological University

More than 10 scholarships in a range of science and engineering subjects are being offered by the University of Strathclyde as part of its research exchange agreement with the Nanyang Technological University, Singapore (NTU Singapore) who will match the number.

Young and research-intensive, NTU Singapore is consistently placed amongst the world’s best universities. It is ranked 13th globally and is the world’s top young university.

The total cluster of 20 studentships complemented with over 20 faculty members from both institutions across 12 research projects will involve an exchange programme between the institutions and will offer students extensive research opportunities, along with valuable insight into businesses and industry.

The Strathclyde studentships are worth £18,000 per year over a period of three years. They are being offered in:

  • advanced manufacturing
  • aero-electrical power systems
  • renewable technologies and grid integration
  • pharmaceutical and biochemical engineering
  • quantum physics
  • photonics and laser technologies.
  • organic chemistry

The new cluster forms part of a strategic partnership between Strathclyde and NTU Singapore, which includes long-established undergraduate exchange arrangements between the Universities. Singapore is also home to one of seven overseas centres for Strathclyde’s internationally-leading MBA programme.

The announcement of the studentships is being made to coincide with a joint workshop between Strathclyde and NTU. The event, held at NTU from 15-16 May, is entitled “Innovation and Impact: How Global Research Partnerships can Power Successful Technological Economies”

Following the workshop, Strathclyde professors will participate in a joint Singapore-UK Symposium on future factories. This event is being sponsored by the British High Commission in Singapore.   

Details of the application process for the studentships will be released following the workshop.

As a leading international technological university, Strathclyde has developed strategic partnerships with a number of institutions worldwide. Along with NTU Singapore, Strathclyde’s international strategic partners include: Stanford University; New York University; Hong Kong University of Science and Technology; Massachusetts Institute of Technology; Tsinghua University; City University of New York, and University of Waterloo.