Strathclyde students scoop inter-varsity Glasgow Taxis Cup

StrathUnion Sports President Eilidh Sneddon with the Glasgow Taxis Cup

Strathclyde has won the inter-varsity Glasgow Taxis Cup competition between the city’s three universities.

The annual competition normally sees students from Strathclyde, Glasgow and Glasgow Caledonian compete in a variety of sports disciplines over the course of a day.

Due the COVID-19 pandemic this year the competition format was changed to facilitate lockdown restrictions.

Instead, students recorded their individual times and distances completed on a series of walks, runs and cycles over the course of a week with the institution acquiring the most collective minutes and distances crowned champions.

Competitive atmosphere

The results were:

Time (minutes):

  • 1st place: Strathclyde – 60,435 minutes
  • 2nd place: Glasgow – 52,111 minutes
  • 3rd place: Glasgow Caledonian – 13,209 minutes

Distance (km)

  • 1st Place: Strathclyde – 9496.66
  • 2nd Place: Glasgow – 9410.99
  • 3rd Place: GCU – 1585.33

Eilidh Sneddon, StrathUnion Sports President, said: “I am delighted that Strathclyde has won the annual varsity between Strathclyde, Glasgow University and Caledonian – The Glasgow Taxis Cup.

“We were able to engage more students than we could have imagined and, in a difficult week, this has been a great example of a community spread around the world coming together virtually. We had students out cycling until midnight on Tuesday and there was a real competitive atmosphere around Glasgow.”

Overall, the three institutions engaged 507 participants, travelled 20,493km and completed a total of 2096 hours of activity.

Strathclyde student Nathan Evans even attempted a run that would trace out the shape of University mascot Strathosaurus – eating a car – on a map.

Strathosaurus-shaped run