Bold, Innovative, Ambitious

Delivering our strategy

Established in 1796 by Professor John Anderson ‘for the good of mankind’ and with the purpose of being ‘the place of useful learning’, the University of Strathclyde is the only higher education institution to be established in Scotland during the Enlightenment.

This historical tradition is reflected and enriched today by our reputation and status as a leading international technological university, focused on delivering excellent teaching and world-class research and known for forging strong collaborative links with industry, government, business and the third sector.

We have achieved significant success through the realisation of our distinctive ‘triple helix approach’– the coming together of academia, business and industry, and the government and public sector, in common cause – and a determination to make a significant difference for our students, the economy and wider society.

The University’s Strategic Plan 2015-2020 reinforces this approach and represents the way in which we will ensure continued progress as an institution which is bold, innovative and ambitious in its vision.

Our plan will be delivered across three key Strategic Themes:

Critical to these themes will be the context provided by the Cross-cutting Themes of:

Success will rely upon the commitment of all our staff to the delivery of the strategic priorities set out in this plan.

The Strategic Plan presents the detailed objectives, strategies and key performance indicators underpinning these themes. Collectively, they demonstrate what we plan to achieve as an institution over the period 2015-2020 and how we will focus our collective energy in order to realise our ambitions. Our focused set of key performance indicators will help us measure and demonstrate our overall success, which will be underpinned by delivery across the University against a wide range of supporting strategies and sub-indicators.

Success will rely upon the commitment of all our staff to the delivery of the strategic priorities set out in this plan. A collaborative, people-oriented and rewarding working environment where staff can benefit from opportunities for development and a shared set of common values will strengthen this commitment.

We will report regularly to the University Court, our governing body, on progress against our key performance indicators. Successful delivery will also be evidenced through regular internal updates and via the University’s Annual Report and Financial Statements.

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