World-leading innovation & impact

At Strathclyde, we are committed to redefining universities’ collaboration with industry, business, government and the third sector, working with our partners to support sustainable economic growth and to deliver wider societal benefit by fully exploiting the impact of our research.

Our ‘triple helix’ approach of collaboration between the University, industry and government has been transformational, accelerating the development of technologies, helping companies compete and informing the development of public policy.

We will accelerate and build on this highly successful collaboration model through the continued and expanded use of innovation partnerships, focusing on fundamental and pre-competitive research to bring together industry, public and third sector partners in ground-breaking collaborations with the University at the heart.

The existence of a supportive innovation ecosystem is crucial in guiding and developing technologies on the journey from new research to commercial application. At Strathclyde, this is provided by the expertise within our Departments, Schools and Faculties, and crucially through our industry facing Centres which work collaboratively with industrial partners. Outwith the University, we are playing a leading role in the Government network of Catapult Centres and Innovation Centres established to tackle grand challenges in science and technology. The cultivation and growth of this distinctive Strathclyde innovation ecosystem is a key part of our Strategy.

"Our bold and innovative approach to knowledge exchange and impact will be evident in the activities of our students and staff."

We will work intensively in support of small and early-stage companies and help them tackle the unique challenges they face in deploying technological innovation to drive growth, overcome barriers, minimise costs and develop lasting partnerships. In this way, we will build on our expanding community of high-growth SMEs – locally, regionally and internationally – to ensure that we deliver sustained impact and growth for businesses and for the economy as a whole.

We will also continue to develop and build our relationships with major, industry-leading ‘blue chip’ partners through a variety of flexible engagement models to deliver strategic programme development, open innovation and effective industry collaboration. These collaborative partnerships will focus on finding solutions to key economic, technological and societal challenges.

Our bold and innovative approach to knowledge exchange and impact will be evident in the activities of our students and staff. Our students benefit from a range of development opportunities that establish enterprising characteristics, enabling them to engage with companies through student sponsorship, internships, placements and projects. The efforts of our staff reflect our commitment to entrepreneurship, commercialisation and innovation-focused research.

Objectives Strategies
What do we want to achieve? How will we do it?
  • Prolific and far-reaching industry engagement
  • High-impact knowledge exchange with government, public and third sectors
  • Increased impact
  • Expand our industry engagement model
  • Grow licensing, CPD and consultancy activity
  • Facilitate commercialisation
  • Grow collaborative research with industry
  • Increase government, public and third sector knowledge exchange engagement
Key Performance IndicatorsCurrent PerformanceTargets
How will we measure progress? What is our baseline? What are our ambitions?
9. Total income from licensing, gains on sales of spin-out/spin-off investments, CPD and consultancy £20 million Increase to £30 million by 2020
(based on a two-year average figure)
10. Total value of industry research income £10.7 million Increase to £18 million by 2020

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