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Strathclyde Entrepreneurial Network Enterprise Academy

Enterprise Academy is an intensive training weekend that focuses on interdisciplinary working and developing key business skills through the simulation of a business start-up process; from concept through to reality. You will learn about building the right team around you, how to generate viable business ideas and better understand entrepreneurial finance and legalities of a business. The Academy weekend takes place in February and is open for application to individuals who attend five out of six Enterprise Footsteps sessions.

No idea? No problem!

You're selected as individuals and put together in a team for the weekend, where you simulate the business start-up process and create a business idea from scratch. Your team will then progress to Step 3: Enterprise Challenge, for the opportunity to win lunch with Sir Tom Hunter and the Enterprise Pathway money prize.

Day 1 - 17th February 2018 

The first day will challenge you to look at yourself as an individual, encourage you to reflect on how enterprising you are and encourage you to tap into your entrepreneurial mindset. You'll also be put into your interdisciplinary teams who you will work with over the course of the weekend and into Stage 3 - The Enterprise Challenge. 

Day 2 - 18th February 2018 

Day 2 dives straight into business skills development, covering topics such as business planning, marketing and business pitching. Using ideas developed in Day 1 and working in your interdisciplinary teams, you will develop an executive summary of your business idea, ready for Stage 3 of your journey - the Enterprise Challenge.