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Applying for an RSE Enterprise Fellowship with Strathclyde

The Royal Society of Edinburgh (RSE) Enterprise Fellowship is Scotland’s leading business development and training programme for the Higher Education sector, enabling promising science and technology researchers to develop into successful entrepreneurs.

Awardees receive one year’s academic salary which will allow them to focus on refining their business idea. In addition, awardees will receive in-kind business support, training and mentorship. Enterprise Fellows are hosted by a university or research institute for the 12-month duration of the Fellowship. For more information regarding the programme, please visit the RSE Enterprise Fellowship website.

Strathclyde has hosted 34 Enterprise Fellows from a variety of departments The University of Strathclyde has participated in the RSE Enterprise Fellowship scheme since it was first established in 1997. We receive a large number of hosting requests each year and want to ensure we are supporting applications which align with the University’s strategic goals and research objectives. As such, we will only support applications where the applicant has an existing link with Strathclyde.


How can I ensure my application is supported?

Strathclyde Entrepreneurial Network (SEN) is only able to support a limited number of applications per funding round. To progress your enquiry regarding University support for an application, potential applicants are advised to read the below process information carefully.

  1. Watch the Application Workshop Video on the RSE’s website
    It is important that you understand the eligibility criteria and application process before you approach Strathclyde to support your application. Visit the RSE’s website and watch the Live Stream application workshop video (under the ‘eligibility/application support’ section) to ensure you have an understanding of the process and quality of applications expected by the RSE.
  2. Attend an in-person RSE Briefing Session and Application Workshop 
    The RSE hosts several briefing sessions prior to the application deadline – these information sessions provide an excellent opportunity to speak 1:1 with an RSE representative and get personal feedback on your application drafts. Strathclyde will be hosting a workshop on Thursday 26th September, 12:30 - 1:30, and you can register online here. Other workshop dates and locations are posted on the RSE website.
  3. Find a Host Department
    Host Departments play a vital role in the application process as they are involved in providing credibility for your innovation, arranging costings, securing desk space and signing the final application submission to confirm their willingness to host you should your application be successful. Applicants should find and secure support from a Host Department prior to engaging with SEN. The Head of your Host Department will need to contact SEN to confirm support of your application.

    It is anticipated that potential applicants will have existing links / collaboration activity with academic departments at the time of their enquiry. For applicants internal to the University of Strathclyde, it is likely you will have support from your own department and will already be known to SEN. Similarly, alumni and former staff of the University may have existing links with departments which may be suitable hosts.

    If you are external to the University, please note this on your Expression of Interest form. SEN can make suggestions for possible collaborations but it will be the responsibility of the applicant to secure support.
  4. Register your interest in applying with Strathclyde by Tuesday 24th September
    If you would like to be considered for support from Strathclyde, please register your interest no later than Tuesday 24th September. The application process takes several weeks and we want to ensure there is sufficient time for you to prepare your first draft, receive and address feedback. Please submit an RSE Enterprise Fellowships Expression of Interest (EOI) to with ‘RSE Enterprise Fellowship – your company name’ as the email Subject heading. Once submitted, a member of the SEN team will review your EOI to determine the best way forward.
  5. Meet with a member of SEN to discuss your application
    It may be necessary for you to meet with a member of SEN to further discuss your application.  At this meeting we will discuss:
    - Your engagement with the University and the wider entrepreneurial support ecosystem
    - The status of your project or business, with emphasis on technology readiness, scale of the market opportunity and fit with the RSE criteria
    - The intellectual property associated with your application (if any), and whether or not you need access to University-owned IP
    - Your potential host department

    At this meeting you will also agree on next steps, which may include support of up to 2-3 iterations of application refinement supported by your allocated point of contact.
  6. Submit a first, full draft of your application by Tuesday 1st October
    You should submit a first, full draft for review and feedback to your SEN point of contact by Tuesday 1st October. Once reviewed, these applications will be taken to an internal panel review meeting where we will select which applications will be supported in the remaining time leading to the deadline of 1st November. The panel is chaired by the Director of Industry Engagement, who signs all final applications for and on behalf of the University. 

    If your application is selected for further support from the University, your SEN point of contact will work closely with you to finalise costings, confirm IP and arrange for approval signatures on behalf of the University. Applicants will be responsible for maintaining contact with and arranging signatures from the Head of their Host Department.

Any questions regarding Strathclyde’s internal application process can be directed to or +44 (0)141 548 2775. For information regarding the RSE Enterprise Fellowships, please visit the RSE website.