Carmen Cummiskey


Carmen is the founder and CEO of Teqnox Ltd. Teqnox is in the process of commercialising a highly innovative, and aesthetically appealing body protector to the high value, global equestrian market. Current products in the market are bulky, ill-fitting and often discourage riders from using them as they directly impact on performance and freedom of movement. 

Teqnox will act as a flexible shell of protection and provide a comfortable fit while delivering top quality performance and unique safety features that are currently not available in the market. 

Carmen studied Sports Engineering (MEng) and graduated in 2017.

What advice do you have for budding entrepreneurs?

Talk to your customer - find out if this is what they want.

How has the Strathclyde Entrepreneurial Network helped you on your entrepreneurial journey?

I have had great support from SEN, having been involved in their Rising Star programme and given the opportunity to present at S100 events.


  • Sports Innovation Challenge Winner
  • Wild Card EDGE 2016 Winner
  • Young EDGE 2017 Winner
  • RSE Enterprise Fellow 2018
  • AccelerateHER 2018 Winner
  • Scottish EDGE Round 13 Winner 2018

View their official webpage here: Teqnox