Photo by Colin Hattersley of Weewash co-founders Pierre Guglielmi and Francisco Carreño

Francisco Carreno and Pierre Guglielmi

WeeWash Ltd.

WeeWash Ltd designs, manufactures and sells micro dishwashers that wash 2 meals worth of dishes, fit on the table-top of the smallest kitchens and work without plumbing installation. It also acts as a smart appliance that provides information about how much money, time, water and electricity you can save. The WeeWash micro dishwashers are 7 times smaller than a standard full-size dishwasher, 3 times smaller than a standard table-top dishwasher and still have the ability to fit frying pans, sauce pans and chopping boards.

Both Francisco (MSc Mechatronics & Automation) and Pierre (MSc Mechantronics and Automation) are Strathclyde graduates and 2018 Rising Stars.

What advice do you have for budding entrepreneurs?

Approach SEN early, even if you don’t have a business idea or you’re just curious about entrepreneurship. They’ll help you figure things out with excellent programs like Enterprise Pathway. Also, read a lot! Read about what interests you and about people that interest and inspire you. Finally, don’t worry about connecting the dots, just follow your interests and instincts. The dots will connect eventually.  

How has the Strathclyde Entrepreneurial Network (SEN) helped you on your entrepreneurial journey?

SEN continues to provide invaluable support to our company. We gained a greater understanding of the key elements to starting a business during our studies through the Enterprise Pathway programme in 2017. Since then, we engaged in SEN activities and events and have since been accepted onto the Rising Star programme. SEN has been very supportive in providing us with 1-1 advice and constructive criticism to enhance our business. They also provide a series of workshops, info sessions and networking events that have all been essential for the development our start – up. 


  • Scottish EDGE Round 12 (semi) Finalists
  • Strathclyders into Business grant. £1,000 granted.
  • Winner of Shell LiveWIRE Smarter Future Programme. £5,000 granted. 
  • Part of Climate-KIC Accelerator at Edinburgh Centre for Carbon Innovation; a high profile EU-funded support programmes for startups which gives them funding and support to translate their inventions into business plans. €7,500 granted.
  • Recipient of Innovation Expert Support from Scottish Enterprise.
  • Part of Rising Stars Programme at University of Strathclyde.
  • Highly Commended for Fresh Ideas - Scottish Institute for Enterprise
  • Selected finalist in Scottish Power - Iberdrola Challenge. £1,750 granted.
  • Shortlisted in Converge Challenge Kickstarter 2019

*The featured photograph was taken by Colin Hattersley at the Climate-KIC Accelerator Induction.


View their official website here: WeeWash Ltd.