Image of Fiodh Founder and CEO Michael Youmans

Michael Youmans


Michael, a Strathclyde Masters graduate in Product Design 2016, is a keen believer in building a greater community to empower Scottish design and to contribute to Scottish exports. He is also keen to bring awareness of sustainability and the positive environmental impacts of using reclaimed whisky barrels and other sustainable materials in design and manufacturing. Inspired by this, Michael founded Fiodh in 2017 a company that designs, manufactures and sells handcrafted watches made from unique materials in Scotland. The company name “Fiodh” comes from the Scottish Gaelic language which, simply translated, means “Wood”; the key material used in all of Michaels’ designs.

The first iconic watch made by Fiodh was from reclaimed whisky barrels; embodying their heritage and empowering Scottish designs. The watchstraps are also handmade from Scottish leather and 'Harris Tweed'. The future includes the creation of more handcrafted watches from other materials such as driftwood collected from our lochs and collaborating with other companies such as Heather gems. At the moment, all the watches are currently ‘made to order’ and can be bought online. Once the watches are bought, it takes roughly 2 weeks to craft, test and deliver. 

How has SEN helped you on your entrepreneurial journey?

SEN has provided fantastic support, helping to provide a clear vision and strategy. They were fundamental in assisting with market research, an essential part of any start-up. They have a team of very qualified staff and have a lot of successful entrepreneurs to back it up.   

What advice would you give budding entrepreneurs? 

We all have the potential to have great ideas, don't be afraid to try. Failure has been a key to my success, remember that there are always people around to help, Its not what you know but who you know, get socialising, get networking!

Awards, Accolades or Recent Achievements

  •  SIE Creative Industry Award, 2018
  •  Featured in the Herald Scotland, 2018
  • Presented at Strathclyde 100 2018


View the official website here: Fiodh