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As a Risk Consultant at Ernst & Young, Sidharth was working for clients in the US and the EU wherein his services were billed at an hourly rate of USD 125 whereas his salary would be a meager fraction of his billable. This is how the idea of Accountables was conceived. It is a fintech platform connecting businesses and accounting firms to in-house and freelance financial experts. Accountables strives to use technology to bring a new experience to users and enable professionals to work at the convenience of their homes and for themselves. Their endeavor is to empower professionals instead of Corporates offering such services and make high-quality financial services available to businesses at affordable prices.

Sidharth studied an MBA bachelors and graduated in 2017.

How has SEN helped you on your entrepreneurial journey?

  • SEN has supported me right from the start. Not only have I been provided office space but also been mentored by experienced entrepreneurs. I have received several grants which have helped at key moments of my business.
  • Opportunity to pitch at a Strathclyde100 event has proved as a great validation and boost when the startup was still in its ideation stage.

What advice do you have for budding entrepreneurs?

From my personal experience, I would only like to say that if you hone an idea, just work towards it instead of contemplating and worrying how it will work out. If you are dedicated and committed to it, things will fall in place eventually.

A Great Achievement

Within a year we have served around 75 clients in over 15 countries, with a team of 21 consultants - we're pleased to say that Accountables continues to grow!


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