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Strathclyde Entrepreneurs Fund

SEF has invested over £200k in new ventures emerging from the Strathclyde community.

Funding from the Strathclyde Entrepreneurs Fund (SEF) is available to University of Strathclyde students, staff and alumni who've graduated within the last five years. It's a vital resource if you're looking for early-stage investment for your start-up or spin-out company.

How does it work?

Recipients are selected from a pipeline of existing Strathclyde entrepreneurs who've been working closely with either the Enterprise Team or the Commercialisation Team. If you are not already engaged with either of these teams, please get in touch by registering as a client.

SEF's provides equity investments of up to £50,000 alongside third-party, lead investors to University-related enterprises. As well as equity investments, companies may have the option of accessing funds as a convertible loan; or receiving an advanced subscription of up to £9,000. 


If you have any initial questions about funding, get in touch Gillian MacAulay, our SEF Fund Manager.