BePex™ : The Next Generation of Conductive Organic Material


Organic Light Emitting Diodes (OLEDs) are beginning to be specified in every market sector from mobile phones to television screens. Apple will use OLEDs in the iPhone 8 while BMW, Audi and Mercedes are using OLED mood lighting in all high-end models. These are a few examples of the applications of conductive organic molecules. Other applications include solar cells, biomedical equipment, lighting and fashion.

There are significant technical constrains in technology featuring conductive organic materials caused by a commonly used key material: PEDOT:PSS. These are reported to include: acidity, reaction with electrodes, lack of band gap and work function tunability and water based solvent deposition.

BePex™ is a conductive material that excludes the need for water-based solvents in OLED manufacture, and has demonstrated superior properties compared to PEDOT:PSS in several applications.


Researchers in Professor Peter Skabara’s internationally recognised team in the Department of Pure and Applied Chemistry have developed BePex™ a novel, non-acidic conductive organic material that has specific advantages over existing conductive materials in Hole Transport Layer (HTL) applications and has the potential to be tuneable to meet specific markets needs in Electron Transport Layer (ETL) applications.

The material is compatible with organic solvents and established device manufacturing processes. It also reduces the complexities associated with water elimination during the manufacturing process. The material has the potential for use in evaporative deposition applications as well as being ideal for flexible devices.

Key benefits

These include:

  • produced using a standard process & materials; easy to scale up
  • non-acidic & compatible with organic solvents & electrodes
  • superior attributes to PEDOT:PSS
  • tunability to meet market specifics
  • flexible & transparent for moulded devices

Markets & application

  • as an HTL in OLEDs, OPVs, printed & flexible circuitry
  • ETL applications
  • replacement for ITO

Licensing & development

We have a patent pending and are seeking partners for co-development and licensing. Please contact Catherine Breslin ( for further information.