Green city illustration.

Energy Energy policy

Researchers at Strathclyde are at the forefront of multi-disciplinary research into the supply and use of energy in all its forms, helping the efficiency and flexibility of the energy system, and the feasibility and performance of new energy solutions.   However, we recognise that this must be set in a wider policy context, considering how energy solutions may involve a range of policy actions and with attention to impacts and influence on and of a range of societal and economic factors.

Strathclyde researchers are bringing evidence-based, critical thinking to the challenges of competent social, economic and energy policy objectives.

Key expertise in energy policy analysis includes:

  • We use the same type of multi-sector economic model as used by finance ministries across the world.  This allows us to model the impacts of energy policy actions right across the community
  • Modelling of the energy system using whole systems models such as TIMES, and its interactions with the wider economy
  • Economic impacts of new energy technologies including hydrogen and carbon capture and storage
  • Social and behavioural research insights on the interactions between people, the energy system and energy policy
  • Policy impacts on energy use and rebound effects

Partners from across the University and our external collaborators work together to bring current research from a wide energy base into the public debate.