Electric Meter Dials.

Energy Energy utilisation

Modern society only functions due to the consumption of energy:

  • keeping our buildings comfortable
  • powering appliances
  • fuelling vehicles
  • lighting streets, homes and offices

Further, the point of use is where our energy systems impact most on people’s lives.

Researchers at Strathclyde are at the forefront of multi-discipline research into the use of energy in all its forms, helping to improve the energy efficiency of energy systems, investigating flexible energy use, assessing the performance of new transport fuels such as hydrogen, designing more comfortable and energy efficient buildings, providing new tools to predict energy performance and improving the monitoring of energy use and its impacts.

Key expertise includes:

  • ultra-low-carbon building design
  • modelling, testing and implementing demand management and demand response schemes
  • low carbon heating and cooling
  • hydrogen energy systems
  • monitoring of energy use and environmental conditions
  • local microgeneration technologies
  • the development of advanced energy modelling tools