Heysham 1 and 2 Nuclear Power Stations in England.

Energy Nuclear

Nuclear engineering has returned to the forefront of UK industrial attention. This is due to the need to extend the life of (and replace) the UK’s existing fleet of commercial nuclear power plant.

The ability to successfully maintain the existing fleet of civil assets and deliver the next generation of these assets in a sustainable and economically feasible manner will be reliant on conducting further research into management of the existing assets and feeding these lessons learnt into the development of the next generation.

Nuclear research at Strathclyde is conducted cross-faculty and cross-departmentally. We support fundamental and applied research; focusing on power station support, infrastructure, and management of nuclear assets and installations.

Main areas of research and innovation include:

  • Through Life Plant Support - advanced sensing and sensor systems, condition monitoring, ultra-sonic non-destructive evaluation and testing, operator decision support and diagnostics, structural and material analysis, risk management
  • Waste Disposal and Decontamination - de-fuelling, waste characterisation and geological disposal, ground barriers, ground and sub-surface structures, seismic qualification
  • Future Reactor Systems - manufacturing supply chain qualification, new build future proofing and assessment, nuclear standards and regulation, small modular reactors