3d illustration of T cells or cancer cells.

Health & wellbeing Biomedical imaging & biophysics

Multidisciplinary researchers at Strathclyde from physics, chemistry, engineering, biosciences and medicine, work together to develop advanced imaging techniques to facilitate new innovations in biomedical research.

This involves the development of innovative optical microscopy techniques, novel labelling probes, image processing & analysis techniques, and their applications to diverse research themes within life sciences, including drug delivery, infection and disease, and cancer research.

Expertise & key capabilities

  • new laser sources for nonlinear optical microscopy
  • novel fluorescent probes for mRNA imaging
  • fluorescent metal quantum dots
  • fast FLIM image processing technique
  • microsystem and lab-on-a-chip techniques
  • 3D biofabrication and 3D printed organs
  • raman microscopy
  • multi-photon and fluorescence lifetime imaging microscopy
  • super resolution fluorescence microscopy
  • image analysis

Biomedical imaging & biophysics co-ordinators