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Health & wellbeing Digital health & health analytics

The digital health and health analytics group conduct innovative research covering the full development and implementation lifecycle of digital health and wellness products, services and interventions.

Our internationally leading team are multidisciplinary, spanning computing science, mathematics and statistics, information science, psychology, engineering, social science, behaviour sciences, health informatics and health services research.

Our research covers the life span from children with complex healthcare needs to older adults and we have significant expertise in several health domains including mental health, dementia, diabetes and cancer.

Crucially we have the ability to implement at scale, both nationally and internationally, and have an outstanding track record in user centered empirical design and evaluation of individual technologies (working with patients, citizens and public health partners) and also applied health and health services research.

Our strengths are in creating effective solutions that integrate into people’s work and lives.  We have extensive expertise in exploring how we use digital health to enable the delivery of new and innovative models of care to reduce inequalities, improve people’s lives and transform the way health and care is delivered and accessed globally at scale.

Unique approach

Our unique approach also includes exploring the better use of data through the integration and analysis of large population coverage healthcare data sets to construct predictive models and perform risk stratification.

We use machine learning and data analytics to support the maintenance of healthy home and office environments and develop data-driven models to identify optimal time and context-based medical interventions.

We work closely with the Digital Health and Care Innovation Centre (DHI) to translate and scale digital health solutions and have a clear focus on impact generation on patient outcomes, healthcare provision and policy.

Example research projects include:

  • designing and prototyping new mobile and wearable devices and applications for health and wellness
  • development of usable and accessible health content, websites, apps and interventions
  • development of equipment for field medicine
  • development of phone-based diagnostic hardware and software
  • development of risk stratification tools for healthcare associated infections
  • empirical investigation and development of novel forms of interaction (tangibles, wearables, haptics, speech)
  • large scale evaluation of a remote, real-time, patient monitoring system
  • development and evaluation of ePROMs systems at local and international levels
  • evidence based qualitative and quantitative evaluation of interactive digital health & wellness products and services both in the lab and at scale and in the real world context
  • assessing barriers and facilitators to integrating and mainstreaming health and care solutions at scale
  • examining new models of care and routes to market for innovative health and care solutions

Digital health & health data analytics co-ordinators