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Health & wellbeing Health interventions & population health

The health interventions sub-theme is concerned with studying the effectiveness and cost-effectiveness of how health services are provided, as well as the equity implications.

The backdrop to this work in affluent countries such as Scotland is an environment where demands on services are intensifying, and at the same time, there is only modest growth in financing, and so there is real pressure to identify ways to work better and smarter.

At the same time, as less prosperous countries move through the development cycle, they seek to upgrade their health systems – but in the face of severely limited budgets.

Complex systems

We take the view that health services are produced by complex socio-technical systems with multiple and sometimes conflicting goals.

To study such systems requires drawing on qualitative and quantitative methods from different traditions.

Further, understanding the effect of changes to health services requires understanding the underpinning medical technology but also the human aspects of health services.

Our research at Strathclyde spans the University, enabling us to bring this broad perspective to bear on understanding health systems in a rigorous yet strategic way.

Health interventions & population health co-ordinators