Biomedical engineering students

Health & wellbeing Medical devices & technologies

The medical devices and technologies sub-theme acts as a focal point for researchers to enable the development of innovative solutions for improved prevention, diagnosis, treatment and management, of disease.

Collaboration across engineering, science & medicine is key

Strathclyde has a wealth of expertise in these areas and in particular on sensor development, data analysis, cell and tissue engineering, medical device development, prosthetics and orthotics, and technology translation.

We recognise that collaboration across engineering, science and medicine is key and, as home to the UK’s Centre for Doctoral Training in Medical Device Technologies, we are well positioned to pioneer the complex, team approaches, that are needed to deliver new medical devices and technologies to address the most pressing clinical needs and global healthcare challenges.

We're focused on the translation of our research into patient benefit, and we therefore work very closely with leading clinical groups and medical device industry partners, to help achieve this.

Medical devices co-ordinators