eye being scanned digitally

Health & wellbeing Sensor & analysis technologies

Our sensor research is focused on the application of analytical science to solve biological problems, most notably with applications in healthcare.

We have expertise in:

  • plasmonic sensors
  • the use of infrared spectroscopy for clinical diagnostics
  • the development of peptides as biological mimics
  • the application of new chemiluminescence approaches to biological measurements

Our analytical research is focussed on process analytical chemistry, environmental chemistry, and conservation science.

Atomic and molecular spectrometry, chemometrics, chromatography, materials analysis, radioanalytical techniques, and optical spectroscopies are used extensively in the development of these areas.

In addition we have the capability to use ultrafast and multidimensional spectroscopy for probing dynamic processes.

Our specific skills lie in accurate analytical measurement of molecules, developing new instrumentation and technique, development of assays and chemical reagents, for use in rapid and highly sensitive detection approaches.

Sensor & analysis technologies co-ordinators