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Making a difference in our community MCR Pathways

Since 2015, Strathclyde has been partnering with MCR Pathways, a school-based mentoring programme which supports those in or on the edges of the care system to realise their full potential through education..

The charity twins carefully trained and matched mentors with care experienced young people in Glasgow secondary schools and there are now more than 1545 pupils benefitting from the programme.
More than 80% of care experienced youngsters leave school at 16 or before and are four times more likely to be unemployed than their peers. Only a tiny minority move on to higher education. Prior to the introduction of mentoring, fewer than half progressed to full-time employment, college or university. Now 86% of our mentored young people do.
Hear some of the young people on the programme talk about the challenges they faced in life and at school, and the difference their volunteer mentor made to each of them

How staff can get involved

Strathclyde is proud to be a partner of MCR Pathways and fully supports any member of staff who would like to give something back and develop their own skills and expertise by becoming a mentor. All that’s needed is one hour of your time each week during school term- time. This is approved to be taken within working hours and travel costs to and from participating schools are covered by the University*. Volunteers would need to commit to work with the same individual for at least one year.
*These arrangements will only apply to this particular scheme.  
Louise Kelly, Statistics Lecturer and current MCR mentor, became involved in the programme after attending an information session at the University, “My job involves interacting with young people and I often have to help students who are struggling either academically or in their personal lives. This is a part of my job I really enjoy and I thought I could use this experience to help a young person as a mentor.
“I’ve been mentoring for just over a year and I’ve seen my mentee’s confidence grow. Over half term she undertook a really big challenge which she would never have considered this time last year. I was so happy when she told me what she had achieved. The look of delight on her face as she told me made my day!
“Strathclyde are fantastic when it comes to MCR. I live quite close to the school so on the day I mentor, I go there first and then into the University. I have told my Head of Department who supports me 100%. I block the hour out of my diary although if there is something really urgent at work, I will try and arrange a different time.
“In terms of what I’ve gained from the programme, I am definitely much better at listening to teenagers! I have two teenage children and I often ask my mentee for advice. It is really useful to hear things from their perspective."
Watch the short film Mentoring Matters to hear first-hand the power of one-to-one relationships.

Find out more

Please let Morag McDonald know if you’re interested in becoming a mentor.
Visit the MCR website for stories from other mentors and organisations and to register and find out more.