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Society & policyChildren, Young People & Learning

The UN Convention on the Rights of the Child highlights the need to improve the lives of children and young people globally. Within this area we work collaboratively and across disciplines in advancing our research and knowledge exchange.

Our work influences policy and practice in relation to the challenges of educating, protecting, providing for, and empowering children and young people.

The ‘signature strengths’ in the subtheme are exploring the complexities between theory and practice inspired by our founding mission as ‘the place of useful learning'. We study the innovation and change in professional education policies and practice both in the workplace and in conventional classroom settings. Our projects aim to support trainees and experienced practitioners in gaining the appropriate knowledge and skills that transform their day-to-day practice.   

Although many of us will be able to relate to the concept of practice as an overarching theme, we may not necessarily make direct links with our own research. For example, when studying professional learning and practices we can explore patterns of behaviour, but we can also access conceptions of identity that derive from the attitudes and values that reflect given practices and professions. 

The Practice sub-theme therefore calls for researchers who are interested in exploring professional learning from a cross-cutting and interdisciplinary perspective.

Research expertise

Our research staff bring together expertise in childhood studies, education, social work, social policy and youth & migration.

We work directly with children and young people, teachers, social workers, Government and other public bodies in our priority areas of expertise which include:

  • education and development
  • health and well-being
  • vulnerable children and young people
  • rights, participation and citizenship
  • experiences of childhood past, present and future

Most of our researchers have a background in practice. We work with a range of funders and partners, including the Scottish Government, local authorities and related voluntary sector organisations and international partners. Read more about our Research on Children, Young People and Families.

Strathclyde has led the development of the Children's University in Scotland.  We support the young people of Glasgow to make the most of their abilities and interests by providing them with fantastic opportunities to foster a lifelong love of learning.  Established in June 2013, Glasgow Children's University was the first local Children's University centre to be established in Scotland under the umbrella of Children's University Trust Scotland. It is managed by the University of Strathclyde and works in partnership with Glasgow City Council, member schools and other organisations.  


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