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Researchers across the University of Strathclyde conduct internationally leading work in the field of gender studies, and related interdisciplinary fields of feminist, women’s, LGBT+ and queer studies. The theme encompasses a wide range of research interests including:

  • Gender issues, inequalities, gender-based violence, gender justice, gender differences, gender identities, gendered relationships, gender and power.
  • The social, cultural, historical, political, and economic dimensions of gender.
  • How gender intersects with related structural inequalities including class, race, ethnicity, sexuality, and disability.
  • Gender theory, queer theory, feminist epistemology and methodology.
  • Activism, advocacy, business, education and policy work in fields of diversity, inclusion, equalities, and social justice.

The gender sub-theme has a strong policy, community, and media orientation, aiming to generate new understandings of, and tools for addressing, gendered inequalities across different contexts.

Our research cluster on Gender includes a new Masters programme in Applied Gender Studies led by Professor Karen Boyle and PhD researchers investigating a wide range of gendered related topics across the four faculties.

Recent grants and projects include:

  • Media monitoring for Pass the Mic: Women of Colour in Scottish News (Prof Karen Boyle with Engender and Women 50/50, funded via Joseph Rowntree Charitable Trust).
  • ‘Connecting States of Desire: Sustaining LGBTQ Lives in a Refugee Organisation’ (Dr Churnjeet Mahn, AHRC funded)
  • the NORFACE funded 'Comparing Intersectional Life Course Inequalities amongst LGBTQI+ Citizens in Four European Counties', (Prof Yvette Taylor)
  • Equally Safe in Higher Educationa project funded by the Scottish Government to tackle gender-based violence in Higher Education. This two year project implements the Toolkit that the team launched in April 2018 (Dr Melanie McCarry, Anni Donaldson, Roisin McGoldrick) 
  • ‘Fandom, Media, and Gender in Scotland’s “National” Game’, (Prof Karen Boyle, AHRC funded)
  • TransEDU (Dr Stephanie Mckendry and Dr Matson Lawrence, SFC funded) which conducted empirical research, and developed resources and information for supporting trans, non-binary & gender diverse applicants, students and staff in Further and Higher Education.

  • ‘Women in the Russian Penal System' (Prof Laura Piacentini, ESRC funded).
  • Here and Now: a gender-specific approach to trauma, bereavement and loss among women in prison, (Ms Nina Vaswani, CYCJ), (evaluation funded by Barnardo’s)
  • Cross-Border Queers: The Story of South Asian Migrants in the UK (Dr Churnjeet Mahn and Dr Rohit K Dasgupta, British Academy Funded)
  • Belgitude and Feminism: Intersection and Impact. (Dr Caroline Verdier, funded by the Carnegie Trust)
  • STEM Equals: Creating more inclusive STEM communities (Prof Becky Lunn, Civil and Environmental Engineering, EPSRC funded)

Our activities include:

  • Workshops and seminars
  • International collaborations
  • Collaborating with policy makers
  • Hosting readings and other public events

Related activities:

Strathclyde Feminist Research Network organises monthly seminars with guest speakers in conversation with Strathclyde researchers, open to all.

Strathclyde student and staff Feminist Reading Group meet to discuss a different text every month.

Monthly lunchtime Work in Progress Workshops are open to staff and PhD students engaged in feminist research projects.


Gender Research at Engage with Strathclyde:

Feminism in Our Times: Crises, Connections & Cares
Friday, 14th May 2021, 10:00 am - 11:30 am
Covid Conversations: Imagining New Futures in Scotland
Wednesday, 19th May 2021, 2:30 pm - 4:30 pm


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