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Society & policyWork, Employment & Economy

Strathclyde plays a leading role in researching and understanding the Scottish economy and labour market. Our  expertise in the area of Work, Employment & Economy helps inform choices about the challenges we face as a society.

Our research is theory-led, policy relevant and focused on professional application:

  • Organising for social and digital innovation
    • Digital transformation for innovation in organisations
    • Innovation in the workplace, economy and society to improve the experience and quality of work
    • Collaborative leadership, leadership as practice and public sector leadership
  • Labour markets, skills and employability
    • Job quality and skills utilisation
    • Employment and employability
    • Equality and diversity
  • Regulation & restructuring of employment relations in global context
    • Work, labour and globalisation
    • Poverty, precarious work, workplace dignity, respect and wellbeing
    • Reshaping employment and public, private and voluntary sectors
    • Emotional labour, aesthetics and performance, service work
  • Applied Econometrics
    • Measures of the modern economy
    • Spatial econometrics and econometric techniques
    • Indicators of the macroeconomy through ‘nowcasting’
  • Applied Macroeconomics
    • Macro-modelling of the UK and Scottish economies
    • Policy evaluation
    • Fiscal analysis
    • Labour markets
  • Applied Microeconomics
    • International trade
    • Public economics
    • Industrial organisation
  • Economic Policy
    • Economic policy analysis
    • Monitoring the Scottish economy
    • Improving regional economic statistics
    • Economic modelling 


Work, Employment & Economy co-ordinators