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Strathclyde plays a leading role in researching and understanding the Scottish economy and labour market, as part of its broad expertise in Work, Employment and the Economy.

The Fraser of Allander Institute (FAI or “The Fraser”) at the University of Strathclyde entered Scottish public life in 1975. Over the last forty years, the FAI has established a reputation as the leading economic research institute in Scotland with a distinct strength in the analysis of real-world policy challenges.

The FAI is rigorously non-aligned and independent – offering insights on the performance of the Scottish and UK economies; providing analysis in key policy areas; and helping the private sector to understand the economic impact of their businesses and projects. Importantly, these contributions have all been underpinned by world leading academic research.

“The Fraser” is a founding partner in the new Economic Statistics Centre of Excellence for the UK Office for National Statistics (ONS).

The Strathclyde Centre for Employment Research (SCER) undertakes research and knowledge exchange activities that have impact, and the Centre promotes extensive stakeholder engagement in academic, policy and practitioner communities and networks. SCER’s approach to research and KE is centred on the need to engage with multiple organisational stakeholders to produce useful learning and shared benefit. SCER’s research output includes academic publications, commissioned reports, stakeholder dissemination presentations and multimedia outputs.

Innovation, and workplace innovation in particular, is key to addressing the longstanding productivity gap between both Scotland and rUK relative to G7 competitors

As well as the Fraser Commentary, FAI and SCER publish a regular bulletin on Scottish Labour Market Trends.

At Strathclyde, we have particular expertise in

  • How New Technologies will impact on the future of work
  • How Skills, Training, and Careers will develop, across society and different groups
  • How the Organisation of Work will impact on Wellbeing & Sustainability;
  • The application of Economic Modelling to understand an ever widening range of issues on the economy; and
  • The use of Behavioural Economics to “nudge” individual decision making to achieve better outcomes. 

Centre for Work-based Learning in Scotland

Through close engagement with the International Public Policy Institute, Strathclyde is a lead partner in the Centre for Work-based Learning in Scotland.  The Centre aims drive cultural change and create demand for work-based learning in Scotland. Work-based learning can help Scotland’s economy to grow and become more resilient. It bridges the gap between education and industry, preparing young people for career opportunities that help our businesses to succeed.

Public policy practitioners at Strathclyde

The impact of research at Strathclyde is enhanced through close engagement with public policy practitioners.  For example



Work, employment & economy co-ordinators