Prof Marion Henderson                                                                                          

Professor Marion Henderson

Professor of Child & Youth Wellbeing 

I am Professor of Child and Youth Wellbeing at the University of Strathclyde having joined the School of Social Work and Social Policy in August 2020.

At Strathclyde, I am helping to strengthen interdisciplinary, cross-faculty research collaboration and capacity through research funding and also as part of the Inspiring Children’s Futures Doctoral Training Programme. I am also collaborating with the Centre for Excellence for Children’s Care, the Children and Young People’s Centre for Justice and the Centre for Sustainable Development.

Strathclyde has a strong record in Social Work and Social Policy and, prior to joining Strathclyde, I had already been collaborating with colleagues based in CELCIS. Further, as Strathclyde trains over half the teachers in Scotland, it is an excellent setting to extend my interests in school-based research.

Despite the context of COVID-19, I have felt welcomed by my new colleagues, with many invites to Zoom meetings and relevant working groups. The support from Research Knowledge and Exchange Service (RKES) for grant proposal applications is efficient, helpful and user friendly. Meanwhile, socially I am excited to be joining a school level book group.

I have been involved in grant proposals related to the pandemic including one about young people’s loneliness.

I joined during the Pandemic and was impressed by the encouragement, from all levels of the University, to look after our mental health and wellbeing, including avoiding emails and meetings on a Friday and that policy also allows me to concentrate on completing tasks prior to the weekend.

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