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Continuous Improvement for your businessOur impact

We've worked on so many different business improvement projects and want to share the impact our work has had.

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External impact

Sector Collaboration

We share our experiences across the Higher Education Sector through:

  • hosting visits from colleagues in other universities and colleges
  • presenting at national and international conferences
  • membership of the Lean HE Global Steering Group
  • engagement with Universities Scotland Efficiencies Taskforce
  • regular blogs including via the Efficiency Exchange

The team published The Guide to Evidencing the Benefits of Business Process Improvement in Higher Education which is making a significant impact across the sector. It's been fully endorsed by HEFCE BUFDG and Universities Scotland and is recommended as the standard practice for benefits realisation management on how institutions can demonstrate greater efficiencies within their institutions.

In producing this Guide, the team have collaborated with 14 other universities, sharing expertise on creating a culture of improvement and maximising the impact of change initiatives. These collaborators have implemented the tools designed by us to enhance their own approach.

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At Strathclyde

Continuous Improvement at Strathclyde is about respect for people and putting our organisational values into practice. We provide training in lean and continuous improvement tools, empowering staff to solve problems at their own level. This creates high levels of engagement, improves communication across the University, and embeds a culture of continuous improvement.

Our approach is focused on delivering projects that evidence an enhanced performance across the University. This has resulted in improved student and staff experience, significant efficiency savings, and increased revenue. 

We've introduced daily Communication Cells across the University – a first for a UK university. This is revolutionising the way the organisation communicates as a whole. As a result of these a substantial number of improvements implemented, which are testament to the continuous improvement culture at Strathclyde.