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Our servicesDaily Stand Ups

Daily Stand Ups are an innovative meeting style that can help to improve performance through employee engagement. The meetings help to;

  • revolutionise communication
  • establish and embed a culture of continuous improvement
  • increase productivity
  • create efficiency savings for organisations  

The University of Strathclyde was the first University within the UK to widely adopt this ground-breaking approach. 

Who is this course for?

This course would benefit leaders, managers and teams looking to:

  • incorporate continuous improvement activities into everyday activities
  • improve communication, team working and knowledge sharing
  • create an environment that empowers staff to take ownership for improvements
  • increase team productivity and ability to adapt

Course aims

This course will:

  • focus on the benefits of having a Daily Stand Up
  • increase your understanding of the structure of the daily meetings
  • equip you to differentiate between making significant improvements and fixing issues
  • develop a daily focus on both individual and team-based continuous improvement
  • develop a set of performance measures to enhance the function of your team
  • help you to establish a successful Daily Stand Up meeting 

Course outline

  • Overview of a Daily Stand Up and how it works
  • How continuous improvement is supported by this meeting format
  • How to develop bespoke Performance Measures appropriate to the work of your team
  • How to manage and run an effective Daily Stand Up meeting

The course consists of a combination of lecture and group work.

Course duration

This course is delivered in 3 ½ hours.

Course fee

Please contact for further details, or call us on 0141 548 4017 to have a chat about the cost of Daily Stand Ups.