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Our services Evidencing the Benefits of Change

Evidencing the benefits of the change within your business is essential. Otherwise, how do you know that the change you've implemented has been successful?

Has efficiency increased?

Have you increased operational capacity?

Are you seeing more effective ways of working?

What impact are your changes having upon the strategic priorities of your business?

This course can provide answers to these questions.

Who is this course for?

This course is for a variety audiences, but would specifically benefit:

  • middle to senior managers and their teams who are responsible for any change or improvement initiative and are required to report on the impact of the implemented changes
  • those who contribute to mandatory institutional Value for Money reports submitted to Hefce
  • individuals looking to embed a culture of evidencing the benefits of change within their teams

Aims of the course

Evidencing the Benefits of Change will:

  • encourage you to consider why evidencing the benefits of your change initiatives is important 
  • help you think about what a benefit actually is, and how to measure it
  • help you consider how to influence the wider evidencing of benefits in your area
  • provide a practical approach of how to plan and execute the data capture required to demonstrate benefits
  • offer a methodology that can be used to contribute to institutional efficiency reporting or Value for Money reporting

Course outline

  •   Why evidence benefits?
  •   What is a benefit?
  •   Overview of the Benefits Exploration Map
  •   Overview of the Measurable Benefits Data Plan
  •   Calculating the benefits

Course Duration

This course is delivered in four hours.

Course fee

Please contact continuous-improvement@strath.ac.uk for further details, or call us on 0141 548 4195 to have a chat about the cost of Evidencing the Benefits of Change.