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Our servicesEvidencing the Benefits of Change: A Benefits Realisation Management Toolkit

Change is inevitable, yet many businesses do not know how to demonstrate the impact of a change.

Have increased revenues, efficiencies or operational capacity been achieved? 

Has “more effective working” and “improved customer satisfaction” been demonstrated? 

What exactly is the impact of the change towards the strategic priorities? 

This course offers a transferable and practical method developed at the University of Strathclyde for benefits realisation management through a change lifecycle.

Who is this course for?

This course would benefit:

  • Organisations seeking to embed a culture of benefits realisation management
  • Individuals looking to evidence the benefits of change within their teams, or across their change programmes
  • Middle to senior managers, and their teams, responsible for any change or improvement initiative, and are required to report on the impact of the implemented changes
  • Those who contribute to mandatory institutional Value for Money, or efficiency reports

Course aims

This course will: 

  • Increase your understanding on the importance of demonstrating the impact of change
  • Equip you with a range of tools that can communicate the impact of any type of organisational change
  • Provide you with the practical skills required to evidence the impact of strategic change
  • Help you to establish a benefits-driven culture across your stakeholders

Course outline

  • Why we need to demonstrate impact of change
  • What is a benefit and how do we measure it?
  • How to evidence the benefits of a change throughout a change lifecycle
  • Navigating the complex cultural challenges when evidencing the benefits of change

The course consists of a combination of lecture, group work, case studies and exploration of the tools using your own examples of change.

Course duration

This course is delivered in three hours.

Course fee

Please contact continuous-improvement@strath.ac.uk for further details, or call us on 0141 548 4017 to have a chat about the cost of Evidencing the Benefits of Change.