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Your feedback matters. Here are some of the changes we've made from listening to you:

  • We added more than 250,000 e-books, 7000 videos and processed 450 reading lists accessible via Myplace.
  • We created a new click and collect service which began in July before the physical Library could open and opened the library building to customers in August.
  • We added some new desks on level 4 in the Library and we plan to add power sockets too!
  • We are working towards a bigger Smartcard project for access to the Library but in the meantime have enabled your card entry via the University Strathclyde App on your phone.
  • We reorganised and tidied up the collection and replaced old, tatty boxes in the Media Library.
  • We introduced Microsoft Stream to assist with the subtitling of lectures.
  • The Matlab portal was created to give easier access to Matlab and access to Matlab Academy Courses.
  • We had online parchments up and running for graduations in June 2020.  We also made amendments to the Graduation Management System to support the large number of non-ceremony graduations running during lockdown.
  • In the Centre for Lifelong Learning (CLL) - Online learning spaces for confirmed classes to provide a simple way for tutors to share class resources (files, zoom details, blog posts, etc) with students allowing them to do their learning online. We've also created student evaluation forms for classes to allow students to provide anonymised detailed feedback about their classes, tutors and MyCLL so that CLL can provide a better experience for them.
  • Strathreps System launched for student programme representative nominations, elections and feedback signposting via the Strathclyde App.
  • We made amendments to the Timetables application on the Strathclyde App to allow for blended learning, with personalised timetables re-configured to include online activities for the first time.
  • A timetabling query form for students to contact departments directly was also introduced to the Strathclyde App.
  • A ‘You’ area was added to the Strathclyde App so students can see all of their useful information in one place – Registration, Programme, DS Username, Eduroam, Email and Programme and Faculty Reps and how to contact them.
  • Updates were made to all services in the Strathclyde App to add messaging areas to help us respond to and communicate COVID rule changes quickly e.g.- Library room booking rules. All student support information in the  was updated and re-worked to respond to the evolving COVID situation. PUSH notifications, promoted items and Myplace notices in the Strathclyde App have helped keep students and staff up to date throughout the year.
  • We introduced online formal assessments on Myplace to replace end of year exams.
  • We developed online document management and verification system for international students essential for successful online registration (replacing face to face meetings).
  • We created a direct online Undergraduate Applications and Admissions system for international students.
  • We've developed a new Student Records system with streamlined online assessment, providing students with a faster turn around of high quality student information for exam board results and detailed personal result information on Pegasus and the Strathclyde App.
  • The Hunter Centre for Entrepreneurship:
    • provide opportunities for interactions and collaborations with businesses and entrepreneurs throughout the undergraduate programme, with the aim of enhancing our students’ employability.
    • have minimised the bunching of assessment deadlines and have built some flexibility when two deadlines fall in the same week.
    • undertaken a significant review the MSc EIT and MSc EML to reduce timetable issues, curriculum overlap and assessment load. The new version of the Programmes is currently being delivered for the academic year 2020-21. Also as part of this review, EML students are now able to take a dissertation route for their final project if preferred. The latter is in response to students asking for an academic-research based project that would enable them to step into a PGR degree. 
Research students
  • Strathclyde Sport have posted Instagram live classes and access to Les Mills during lockdown.
  • We opened the gym and the pool at the request of students, when government restrictions permit - see our YouTube video highlighting member views!
  • We've extended Strathclyde Sport opening hours during the week, are open at the weekend and will be open during the festive break.
  • To cut down on waiting times for CV checks, the Careers Service have introduced CV 360 to their online Careers Toolkit!
  • MyCareer has a new online programme - My Career in Lockdown.
  • The Careers Service has added new resources and advice online for Strathclyde graduates during lockdown.
  • We've made amendments to the Registration process online to ensure it could operate correctly for social distancing requirements. We've also made amendments made to the systems that creates student appointments for a variety of areas of Student Experience to allow for social distancing.  
  • ISD and Safety Services have developmented a COVID symptoms reporting form for students and staff.
  • ISD and Student Experience determined the specification and purchase of Digital Inclusion (equipment) and provided an application system for the scheme. 
  • We've created a Report and Support form - a critical development, with a quick turnaround required, to provide an effective mechanism for students to report potentially dangerous situations around campus, promoting a safer campus environment for students.
  • We have added access point map locations to the Strathclyde App for students and staff to easily locate free sanitary products on campus.


  • We responded to 16,000 enquiries and support calls to the IT Helpdesk by email, phone and social media and set-up more than 250 student devices.
  • We resolved issues with SPSS 27 and made it available for Mac via Pegasus.
  • We've introduced ‘Virtual desk tops’.  This is based on Microsoft Azure and allows students to access University software normally only available in student labs via a browser on any device from anywhere.
  • Zoom – we implemented Zoom as the University’s main video conferencing platform in March 2020, over a single weekend, including aligning it with Myplace for ease of use. 
  • Recognising that some local authorities and government departments do not allow the use of even a corporate version of Zoom, we commenced a major programme of work to implement the many other areas of the Microsoft 365 Cloud (building on our implementation of Office 365 email and One Drive for Business) starting with Teams, initially piloted in HASS but going University wide on the 2nd of November 2020.  This will provide not only access to a second video conferencing facility but to a major collaboration platform. Both Zoom and Teams are available for students to use to do group work without the involvement of academic staff.
  • We've also developed an easier login procedure to Office 365 email (now actually using your email address).
  • We’ve worked continuously to improve the security of our systems and services and therefore increase the cyber resilience of both staff and students. 
  • Applicants can now submit a course enquiry via the University of Strathclyde website for the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences and the Department of Pure and Applied Chemistry that will provide the enquiry information required rather than needing to find the appropriate email address for their enquiry.
  • A competition submission system was developed for the Economic Futures project (and essays on the economic impact of COVID submitted).
  • We participated in the ISD Collaboration Programme, delivering tutorials and group work to over 250 Students from the Faculty of Science and Strathclyde Business School, with 8 students completing apprenticeships or summer placements within our teams working on IT/system related co-creation challenges.
Coming soon
  • Sanitary products form being developed to enable students to order a rolling supply of sanitary products.
  • The Hunter Centre for Entrepreneurship are planning further refinements to the MSc EIT by including a “Disruptive Technologies Lab”, in order to more sharply deliver on the technological learning objectives of the programme. Again, this refinement is in response to students wishing for more of the “T” in the MSc EIT.





















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