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Your feedback matters. Here are some of the changes we've made from listening to you:

  • We've made a big change to the academic year. First semester exams are now held in December, instead of in January as in previous years. No more studying for exams over the Christmas break!
  • We've refurbished the former study carrels on Levels 4 and 5 to create ten more bookable study spaces in the Library. We've also upgraded the booking system for all of our bookable rooms.
  • We've reorganised desks in the Short Loan area of the Library to improve access to power sockets. We’ve also added 7 new desks with power sockets to Level 3.
  • We've refurbished every toilet in the Library. They're cleaner, brighter, and more eco-friendly with efficient new hand dryers and dual-flush facilities.
  • We've upgraded and expanded LibGuides to provide additional support in a more accessible format.
  • We've developed a series of short Skills Boost sessions to help students develop their study skills.
  • We've provided online payment facilities via SUPrimo for paying Library fees and fines. Students can also add print credit to their accounts online.

Research students
  • We have implemented technical improvements on our repository systems, optimising Strathprints to better interoperate with mobile devices and key search services, thereby optimising visibility of Strathclyde research. 
  • We're now running CV checking sessions in the Careers Service five days a week!
  • We've introduced a series of short (1/2 hour) briefing sessions in the Careers Service, to help prepare students for the recruitment cycle.  The sessions are scheduled for different days and times to accommodate different timetables.
  • We have implemented an online appointment booking system for International Student Support so you can check advisors’ availability and book a meeting that is suited to your enquiry
  • We've introduced a fresh salad bar with multiple options for a healthy lunch in Aura Cafe (Lord Hope Building).
  • We're now serving freshly made pizzas until 6pm each day and with extended opening hours to support students studying later in the eveening in the Flava Cafe (Curran Building)!
  • We've switched to a new local supplier of coffee - Coffee Conscience - to provide a more ethical and sustainable coffee option at the Synergi Coffee Cart (TIC Building).
  • We now have a fresh noodle bar with authentic Asian cuisine, cooked to order at the Urban Bean (Sir William Duncan Building).
  • We've made changes to the seating layout in both the Urban Bean and the Caffeine Lab (James Weir Building).
  • We've changed the opening hours to all of our catering outlets on campus!
  • We've added meat based soups alongside vegetarian options to our catering outlets to provide more variety.
  • We've redesigned the Information Services landing page (displayed in labs across campus) to help students to find the information they need, on any device.
  • We launched version 2 of the Strathclyde mobile app to provide real-time, on-the-go, anytime information including class timetables, computer availability, campus maps, gym availability and our handy new 'now and next' feature for students.  14,500 users in 119 countries.  91.2% returning users.
  • Information Services, which includes the Library, achieved the 'Silver' level in the National Union of Students (NUS) Green Impact Award for sustainability.
  • We launched new online testing for ECDL Standard and Advanced, giving candidates an improved experience and instant access to their results.
  • We have moved the Disability Service “Tell Us About Your Needs” form online so you can explain your situation to the Disability Service and submit all the supporting documentation online whenever you want.
  • We helped prospective students connect with Strathclyde through over 20 online chat sessions with over 1000 invited participants from around the world and through portable electronic contact forms at recruitments.
  • We built interactive sites like the Student Exchange Photo Competition and sites for student conferences such as The Digital Human.
  • We have moved more forms online, including some scholarships, printing requests for PostersPlus, graduation registration and many more.
  • We launched an online catalogue for the Centre for Lifelong Learning where students and the wider public can discover, register and pay for a wide range of learning opportunities
  • So you know how all the University’s IT systems are doing, we have redesigned the IT Service Status site and moved it to “the cloud” so it is always available when you need it.
Faculty of Engineering
Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences
  • We’ve modified the timetable to ensure a better spread of teaching and assessment across the academic year for students studying Sport and Physical Activity and changed the activities within Sports Practice to address the needs of the wider student cohort.
  • We’ve made use of a more extended range of assessment methods and changed the type of assessment used in some classes (e.g. moving from exam to coursework) for Sport and Physical Activity and Psychology students
  • We’ve rolled out the ability for Psychology students to book cubicles online.
  • We’ve introduced a Work Placement class for final year Psychology students.
  • We’ve restructured 2nd and 3rd year modules including placement classes for Speech and Language Pathology students for better delivery, assessment, assessment feedback and timing.
  • We’ve reorganised the dissertation feedback for Journalism and Creative Writing students to improve its clarity and include additional materials (reference guide, library guide, ethics, etc.)
  • We established the Byline Club to provide an opportunity for informal meetings of students, which revolve around journalism and media. 
  • We’ve expanded on the number of social events involving students in Government and Public Policy. We’re now using Myplace to allow members of staff to address student concerns that are raised during Government and Public Policy staff-student committee meetings.
  • We’ve altered the comparative politics honours seminar in Government and Public Policy to focus more on development.
  • We’re using a single feedback sheet for all assignments in Social Work and Social Policy.
  • The practice placements in years three and four for students in Social Work and Social Policy are now scheduled to finish before the Christmas holiday.
Faculty of Science
  • We added optional classes such as the MS418 Project Management and CS407 Computer Security to the list of available classes, revised coursework/exam split for CS313 Computer Systems and redesigned the C408 Individual Project to make the workload more manageable for Computer and Information Sciences students.
  • We’ll introduce more group work and opportunities for presentations and we’re organising regular Year 3 and Year 4 informal get-togethers, to facilitate communication between students and staff in Mathematics and Statistics.
  • We’ve changed the way in which the 2nd year laboratory class is organised in Physics.
  • We’ve changed submission dates and feedback system for assessments in SIPBS  from Fridays to Mondays at noon and ensured staff put an “Out of Office” message on their email when they are away from university or unavailable.
  • We’ve revised all laboratory classes across all programmes in Pure and Applied Chemistry, introduced a new timetable and removed all laboratory sessions during the revision week in S1.
  • We’ve enhanced the PDA in Pure and Applied Chemistry  by providing training sessions for staff, rolling out the PDA role to all members of staff and provide additional resources for PDAs.
  • We’ve changed the BSc Hons final year programme in Pure and Applied Chemistry to provide a new bespoke programme that gives students more experience of group working activities and research challenges based on each student’s area of interest.
Strathclyde Business School
  • We’ve developed a free-standing econometrics Myplace webpage to give students going abroad during the third year the opportunity to keep up with the material taught in third year core Economics classes.
  • We’re providing formative and training sessions on oral communication, presentation skills and ability to use econometric software as well as a sessions to provide additional support to Honours students in Economics for their elective class choices at the start of the second semester.
  • We’re now routinely e-mailing students in Accounting and Finance with marks that include the spread of marks, average etc. to allow students to gage how they are doing compared to their peers.
  • We’ve arranged an engagement session for Accounting and Finance students to meet with the HoD each semester, allowing students to influence strategic course planning.
  • We’re now word processing all feedback provided to Human Resource Management students as well as introducing a standard feedback template to create consistency.
  • We’re holding a staff-student pre-meeting with the administrative support person in charge of Hunter Centre for Entrepreneurship undergraduate programmes one week in advance of the formal staff-student meeting. This has helped address any issues quickly, so action can be reported at the formal staff-student meeting.
  • We have revised classes from years 1-3 for Management Science students to accommodate for greater intake such as MS112, software needs, such as Simul8 and information depth and selection for the MS361 class.
  • We’ve restructured earlier years within the UG Business Analysis and Technology programme for Management Science students and moved the Research Methods class to the development week of semester one. 
Coming soon!
  • We're making further improvements to our web pages.
  • We're working towards achieving the 'Gold' level National Union of Students (NUS) Green Impact Award in 2017-18.
  • We're continuously working to improve functionality and add new features to the mobile app.
  • We're introducing contactless card payments at the Library Shop.
  • We will deliver a modern/efficient Exam timetable system and personalised Exam timetable on the Mobile App.
  • We're planning to have Library Fines & Fees, Books on loan,  now available on the Mobile App.
  • We're working on an online appointment booking for Student Counselling, Student Health and other services
  • We're developing a new Disability Services portal
  • We're building a new Sports Facility - due to open in summer 2018! 





















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