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Settled, comfortable & safe

Going to University often means that you will be living away from home for the first time. You'll need to find somewhere to stay where you'll feel settled, comfortable and safe.

At Strathclyde, we'll provide secure accommodation for every new eligible student (living outwith a 25 mile radius of the city centre) where you can make friends and feel at the centre of university life. To make your time here as easy and straightforward as possible, we have a dedicated Residence Services team to help you all year round.

All our residences also have Residence Assistants who are on duty outwith office hours. To make sure that we stay in tune with your needs, students elect representatives at the beginning of term to form Hall Committees to co-ordinate social events and raise issues on your behalf.

Living in halls

The University of Strathclyde and the city of Glasgow is a unique combination - full of opportunities and interesting people to meet.

The University's halls of residence are where you'll get to know lots of people very quickly - where you'll make lifelong friendships and find out more about yourself.

All residences offer an independent lifestyle where you retain your privacy but still have the company of others if you wish. There are opportunities to join in social events, ranging from traditional Scottish celebrations to international events which reflect the cosmopolitan flavour of the residences.

Over 1,440 students live in the University's campus village in the heart of the John Anderson Campus. A further 400 live in University accommodation within close walking distance of the Campus.


Please use this link to let us know if anything is missing in your flat.

You can also use it to tell us if something has been damaged or is not working properly.

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