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1 - James Young Hall, 2 - James Goold Hall, 3 - Murray Hall, 4 - Garnett Hall, 5 - James Blyth Court/Thomas Campbell Court, 6 - Chancellors Hall, 7 - Birkbeck Court, 8 - Forbes Hall, 9 - Patrick Thomas Court, 10 - Accommodation Office, 11 - Campus Village Office
  1. James Young Hall
  2. James Goold Hall
  3. Murray Hall
  4. Garnett Hall
  5. James Blyth Court / Thomas Campbell Court
  6. Chancellors Hall
  7. Birkbeck Court
  8. Forbes Hall
  9. Patrick Thomas Court
  10. Campus Village Office & Accommodation Office
  11. Andrew Ure Hall
  13. Collegelands


John Anderson Campus - Undergraduate Accommodation

All the accommodation in the Campus Village is self catered. There is an on-site management team in the Village Office and a Nightporter to take care of emergencies through the night.

A 'watched' CCTV system beamed back to University Security Control provides an extra level of security. Unfortunately there is no car parking in the Campus Village.

The Campus Village is 95% undergraduate but there is one small hall for postgraduates. Our residences have both males and females but individual flats are all single sex (second year students can choose to live in a mixed sex group).

Off campus residences

Situated about 10 minutes walk away from the main University campus, two self catered residences for undergraduates and postgraduates (Andrew_Ure_Hall and Patrick_Thomas_Court) provide good quality but basic accommodation, reflected in the price range which does not include gas and electricty.

There are a limited number of car parking places available for these residences at a small cost which are allocated on a 'first come first served' basis. Please contact Lorna Cameron on 552 6471 or email andrewure-office@strath.ac.uk when you arrive.

Also situated around 10 minutes walk away from the campus are Collegelands and Blackfriars, and 18 minutes walk away is Buchanan View. The University of Strathclyde has leased a total of 365 en-suite rooms for undergraduates in these privately owned and managed student residences.