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Undergraduate courses

There are four undergraduate courses in SBS: the BA Honours in Business (including an accredited Accounting degree), the BBA Honours in Business Administration, the BA Honours in International Business, and the Master of International Business and Modern Languages. These four courses share a common structure, designed to combine breadth and depth, and offering a wide range of compulsory and optional classes.

The course structure is based on a selection of two subjects, known as Principal Subjects (optional for the BBA). The Principal Subjects offered by the Business School are as follows:

Strathclyde Business School doesn’t just teach the theory – there’s also an emphasis on the soft skills required to be successful in the business world.

Amanda McFadden

BA (Honours) HRM and Marketing

Amanda McFadden

In addition on the BA in Business´╗┐ are non-Business School subjects of Business Law, Mathematics and Statistics and Psychology and on the Master of International Business and Modern Languages you can study French, Italian and Spanish. 

In addition to your two Principal Subjects, you will study a compulsory core for 3 years called the Management Development Programme (MDP) or Leadership Development Programme (LDP). This is a series of innovative classes designed to develop your key personal and business skills, largely through groupwork. You will work in interdisciplinary teams, meaning that over the course of the three years you will gain an understanding of many business subjects, including ones you are not taking yourself. Throughout the three years, the Programme is supported by key graduate employers whose staff are involved with the projects, and who offer prizes.